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This is a presentation of understandings collected and developed over many years of reading, contemplation, personal reflection and life experiences.  The presentation aims to be totally secular and makes no claim to be based on academic or any other authority. It depends entirely on registering with the readers own rationality and experience and is offered with goodwill and respect.

Few ideas presented here can be claimed to be original thought not previously expressed elsewhere. The aim has been to package understandings in an original way that presents wisdom for life in an accessible way – free from barriers of language, culture and unnecessary intellectualism or technicality.

All material for wisdomparenting.org is prepared by John Frederick Gray.

John grew up on a farm in a coastal area of Australia.  He is fortunate to still be able to live by the sea close to nature and to be able to enjoy the beach, bushwalking, cycling and the company of good friends.

John was a primary school teacher for thirty two years.  After teaching he pursued his interest in the social sciences and in 2016 completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Philosophy and Sociology.  The degree also included units in Psychology, Peace Studies, Politics and Religion.

Influences in the development of the understandings presented in this book include having a strong feeling for nature, interest in eastern as well as western philosophy, and attending positive psychology conferences.

John’s main interest is in presenting, in non-academic language, practical philosophy and positive psychology – seeking life-focused principles and ideas that would seem to be universal and timeless and independent of belief systems.

The Key Understandings for a Good and Happy Life were originally written as discussion material for parent discussion groups.  Discussion leads to much deeper understanding of the principles than just reading does and resulted in the ideas being more fully developed.


Thank you to Amanda Flemming, Jim Donnelly, Sandrine Ilon and Howard Gray for their constructive comments regarding the content and presentation of the ideas on this website and in the booklet, “Key Ideas for a Good and Happy Life”.


This website makes no claims that the content presented is based on academic or any other authority.  Nor are ideas presented claiming to be original thought not previously expressed in some form elsewhere.

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