Being Aware

Practical activities and resources for promoting an understanding that:-



Encourage our children to be in the present moment with a calm, clear mind and giving their energies to the needs of the moment.

Nurture calm awareness. Particularly as a desirable mental state when commencing tasks.

Build social awareness:  How are our actions affecting others? What are their needs?


  • Have some quiet times of the day.
  • Look for ways for your children to be focussed rather than scattered and distracted.
  • Encourage focussing full attention on one thing rather than attempting multi tasking. Doing one thing at a time and giving it full attention.
  • Switch off the TV if no one is watching it.
  • Encourage attentive listening as an awareness skill.
  • When friends drop around drop everything and give them your full attention. Switch off the TV!
  • There are many simple ideas for developing children’s awareness and attention  –focussing on eating, walking, sitting, visual imagery relaxation, and various other focus objects.


Look for books, songs and movies about: Calmness, Awareness, Peacefulness, Attention, Tranquillity, Stability.

Here are some suggestions:-

SONGS  about Being Aware

  •  “If This Were Heaven” -Scott Johnson. Living as if this were heaven –fully enjoying what life offers.  Video
  • “Imagine”: John Lennon. Imagine all the people living for today, living life in peace, sharing all the world…  Video
  • “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” -from Disney’s “Song of the South”  Just enjoyin’ the day!  Video

MOVIES about Being Aware

  • Hmm…

STORIES AND BOOKS about Being Aware

  • The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen.  We need to be fully aware of reality and see things as they really are.
  • Leisure by William Henry Davies.  A poem about stopping and being aware and noticing things.  Click here to read it >>> Leisure.

OTHER RESOURCES about Being Truly Happy.

  • Desiderata:  Inspirational 1927 poem by Max Ehrmann so often seen on posters and cards that we can overlook its beauty and realistic and positive wisdom. Get the correct words:  The last line is “Be cheerful”, not “Be careful”. (Much more important to be cheerful!)
    >> For the text go to: >>>
    >> For a video version (there are many) perhaps start with this one: >>>