Putting it into practice as parents:
Nurturing wisdom, strength and love in our children

Resources and Practical Suggestions
for illustrating and promoting
the Key Understandings for a Good and Happy Life

We can look for ways to foster understanding of how to live well.
With awareness we will recognise opportunities for this.
The starting point is our own clear understanding and practice of wisdom.
By remaining aware of fundamental understandings, and looking to see how they apply moment to moment in life’s daily activities, we can come to have trust in our own creativity and ability to find many opportunities to foster wisdom in our children.

Ultimately we want our children to develop wisdom themselves and to internalise key principles and become loving, peaceful and self assured.

The pages listed below offer only a few suggestions for each of the
Key Understandings for a Good and Happy Life.
Over time you will be able to come up with many more yourself.


Resources and Practical Activities

Many of the best books, songs and movies, as well as having a great story, have themes that are universal and timeless. They speak about experiences common to all and bring out aspects of our shared human nature.

On the following pages you will find:-


Some suggestions are old; some are new. Some are for children; others are for adults. You can find lyrics and videos for most of these songs on the internet. You may not be able to avoid accompanying advertising though. Alternatively search for MP3 downloads. 

Some links are given on the pages listed below. 


A few titles are suggested to get you started.  Please note the classification rating is not included.  Some movies are for adults. Choose films that are appropriate for your child’s age.


Some suggestions are given.  See also what your local librarian or bookseller might be able to suggest.  You will find that many of these stories, although written for young readers are also very appealing to adults.

Read regularly to your child and let the story tell its message.  As children grow older and become independent readers they still enjoy being read to -in part because it is a warm, shared, bonding experience.

Books can be broadly categorised as Picture Books (PB), Junior Fiction (JF) and Young Adult (YA).  YA books are for later teen years.

For what Roald Dahl had to say about children, books, and television, click here.

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For specific resources and activities
click on the page links below:-

Being Happy

Developing our True Nature

Making Positive Connections

Choosing Wise Actions

Noticing Changes

Understanding Desires

Being Aware

Realising Our Inner Strength

Developing Love and Goodwill